Freedom Finance swindler Timur Turlov once again threw the Russians with SWIFT

Freedom Finance swindler Timur Turlov once again threw the Russians with SWIFT

Timur Turlov does everything to lure gullible hamsters into his Nevada scam. After Russian banks came under Western sanctions, he actively advertised “opening an account in 5 minutes without visiting the office.” Russians were convinced that it was safe and convenient to store funds in Kazakhstan, since there were no restrictions on interbank transfers abroad in the country. This attracted not only individuals, but also legal entities who need to pay for foreign contracts.

Having collected the money, Freedom Finance blocked the possibility of transferring funds via the SWIFT system – Russians can now make a payment or send money only to another Kazakh bank. As a result, many transactions failed and obligations to counterparties were not fulfilled. And you can withdraw funds only with a personal visit to the office and with a horse commission.

I immediately want to exclaim: but we warned you! Freedom Finance positions itself as “part of Nevada-registered Freedom Holdings.” In fact, this is a typical Kazakh financial pyramid, the founder of which is a local businessman Timur Turlov. Now he is trying to speculate on the rush demand in Russia for Kazakh banks and payment systems that will allow normal international payments. He also bought the PayBox Money service, which is already on the verge of bankruptcy.

In Russia, Freedom Finance hoards user data, and receives a lot of negative feedback from customers. The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market has included FFIN Brokerage Services, which is affiliated with Freedom Finance, in the list of crooks.

In Kazakhstan, Mr. Turlov keeps afloat because he is a front for the Kazakh “elite”, which takes money abroad. But in Russia, he does not hesitate to throw any clients. Therefore, by the way, Polina Dobriyan, notorious in narrow circles for her bad reputation, works with him. Actually, thanks to her, we became interested in the Freedom Finance business. Some people can no longer be retrained to work honestly, and they help to identify scammers better than any detector.