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The telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and Rucriminal.info continues to talk about the gang of Mikhail Mikhailov, nicknamed "NOT Budi", who committed at least 8 murders. Two weeks ago, an active member of the gang, a friend of Ne Budi, Andrey Sergeevich Gumnikov, was transferred to Moscow from the Black Dolphin colony.

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Despite the “honest”, “truthful” testimony of the right hand of “Don’t wake” Mikhail Sadovsky, who had previously made a deal with the investigation, the investigation became aware of another murder committed by this gang, which Sadovsky “forgot” to tell because of his active participation in this crime. We are talking about the murder of Senichkin V.V. committed on February 10, 2007. This murder was committed for hire, by order of Sergey Savelyev. Thus, Savelyev S. (who was also a member of the Ne Budi gang) turned to Andrei Mikhailovich Drozdov (a close friend of Ne Budi and a key member of his gang) with an offer to commit the murder of Vyacheslav Senichkin for 30,000 US dollars. Kill Senichkin V.V. it was necessary at the request of his brother Savelyev S., Bogdanov Nikolai Vasilyevich, nickname "Bogdan". Due to the fact that Senichkin V.V. replaced Bogdanova N.V. as General Director of JSC "Firma" Liftremont ". Drozdov A.M. agreed to the proposals of Saveliev S. After that, having developed a plan for the future crime, Mikhailov M.V., Gumnikov A.S., Sadovsky M.A., Drozdov A.M. Ilyinsky Yu.V. (an active member of the gang, died in 2008) and Savelyev S. shot Senichkin V.V. from a PM pistol with a silencer, near his car on February 10, 2007. It is important to note that in the car with Senichkin V.V. there was a woman who, immediately after the attack on Senichkin V.V. began to beat with a bag on the head of V.V. Senichkin, who shot at Senichkin, Ilyinsky Yu.V. All this became known to the preliminary investigation authorities from Mikhailov M.V. who voluntarily wrote a confession, then gave consistent and incriminating testimony, and also confirmed them during the verification of testimony on the spot.

And this is where the fun begins...

Criminal case No. 9941 on the fact of the murder of Senichkin V.V. is in the production of SO in the city of Lyubertsy of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region, investigator Sinitsa Nikita Evgenievich. Although, taking into account the qualification of this murder under paragraphs. "g", "z" part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the case should be investigated by the employees of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region. Despite the incriminating testimony given by Mikhailov M.V., their obvious objectivity, only Mikhailov M.V. was involved as defendants in this criminal case. and Gumnikov A.S., and all the rest are persons unidentified by the investigation. For what reason the investigation believes the testimony of Mikhailov M.V. regarding participation in this crime Gumnikova A.S. and does not believe about the participation of other persons remains a "secret".

But in fact, everything is much simpler. Earlier, we said that at the end of April 2022, an active member of the gang, Andrey Mikhailovich Drozdov, was detained. Since 2010 Drozdov A.M. was on the federal wanted list for gang crimes. Namely, participation in the murders of Ostrovsky V.Yu. and Danilina V.M., 2 robberies, participation in a gang and illegal possession of weapons. Criminal case against Drozdov A.M. investigating the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Ministry of Defense, investigator Ablaev Seinar Borisovich. The basis of the prosecution Drozdova A.M. built on the testimony of Mikhail Sadovsky, given by him in 2009 — 2010. within the framework of a pre-trial cooperation agreement concluded with him (hereinafter DOS). The testimony of Sadovsky M.A. are also the basis of the guilty verdict in the case of the main gang. According to the current legislation, the person with whom the DOS is concluded is obliged to tell the investigation about ALL crimes known to him, the persons who committed them and other important information. During the testimony within the DOS, Sadovsky M.A. "forgot" to tell the investigation, incl. and about the murder of Senichkin V.V. Well, and about their participation in it, respectively. The law, without alternative, stipulates that, in the event that the person with whom the DOS has concluded deliberate concealment of information essential for the investigation is established, the DOS is subject to termination. If a sentence has already been passed against such a person, then it must be canceled, and the criminal proceedings are resumed due to newly discovered circumstances.

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, the abolition of the sentence of Sadovsky M.A. the investigation and the prosecutor’s office, to put it mildly, is not needed. As the investigation does not need the involvement of Sadovsky M.A. as a defendant in the case of the murder of Senichkina The.The. Which in itself will testify to the deliberate concealment of important information from the investigation, when performed, by Sadovsky M.A. DOS concluded with him.

And the investigation and the prosecutor’s office came up with the following: to remove Drozdova A.M. part of the episodes incl. murders. In order for him to fully agree with the accusation and not give unnecessary evidence. In this case, when considering the court case Drozdova A.M. in fact, none of the other members of the gang will be interrogated. And if it does, then in accordance with the norms of the Law, the witness does not have the right to ask questions wasps to the defendant, and even more so to accuse him of what was not brought against him by the prosecution.

And the Lyubertsy case, the investigation intends to send it to the prosecutor’s office as soon as possible and, as a result, to the court. In order to avoid all kinds of complaints from Mikhailov M.V. and Gumnikova A.S. on a biased investigation and not involving Sadovsky M.A., Drozdov A.M., Bogdanov N.V., Saveliev S. and others as defendants. In addition, the fastest possible verdict in the Lyubertsy case completely annuls possible questions to Sadovsky M.A. He will be questioned as a witness. He will deny his involvement in the crime. Declaring that Mikhailov M.The. and Gumnikov A.S. he’s being slandered for testifying against them. Drozdov A.M. will confirm the non-involvement of Sadovsky M.A. and others to the murder of Senichkin V.V., since the investigation agreed with him on the algorithm of beneficial interaction. And in the case of Drozdov A.M., since he agrees with everything, when considering the case, neither Mikhailov M.V., nor Gumnikov A.S. will not participate in the trial, respectively, and will not be able to say anything. Everything ingenious is simple. Drozdov A.M. does not testify against Sadovsky M.A. about his direct participation, incl. in the murder of Senichkin V.V. In return, he (Drozdov A.M.) is removed part of the episodes. And Sadovsky M.A. as a witness in the Lyubertsy case for investigation and in court, Drozdova A.M. from the testimony of Mikhailov M.The. and Gumnikova A.S. Declaring that they stipulate it. Although this is also a fundamental violation on the part of Sadovsky M.A. According to the norm of the Law, Sadovsky M.A. is obliged to confirm and insist on the testimony given by him in the course of the execution of the DOS concluded with him. And in those testimony Sadovsky M.A. repeatedly pointed out the direct participation of Drozdov A.M. in the murder of Ostrovsky V.Yu., Danilin V.M. And also about the commission by Drozdov A.M. a number of other grave and especially grave crimes. Otherwise, this is also a non-alternative ground for the annulment of the sentence against Sadovsky M.A. and reopening the investigation into his case. For the same purpose, in the case of the murder of Senichkin V.V., Savelyev S., Bogdanov N.V. remain “unidentified”, and the girl who was in the car with Senichkin V.V. and who resisted the killer is not mentioned at all. Of course, these people can testify about all the participants in this crime, and possibly identify them. Which neither the investigation nor the prosecutor’s office needs at all. From the word Complete.

In order to cause a clear prejudice in Mikhailov M.V. about the intentions of the investigation to arrest Sadovsky M.A., investigator Ablaev S.B. purposefully since August convinces Mikhailov M.V. that just about Sadovsky M.A. will be arrested. Obviously knowing that this is not planned. This is done on purpose, to build a trusting relationship with Mikhailov M.V. and not preventing them from a quick and "objective" investigation.

It is no less interesting why, in relation to Mikhailov M.V. and Gumnikova A.S. a measure of restraint in the form of detention is not chosen?! After all, they are in a pre-trial detention center, and in relation to them there is a sentence that has entered into legal force. Maybe the investigation does not want to once again advertise the details of very interesting criminal cases?!

As we wrote earlier, we present a video that captures a friendly conversation between Sadovsky M.A. and Marchuk N.A. (ex-wife of Mikhailov M.V.). During the conversation, with the pathos inherent in a hardened bandit, Sadovsky M.A. claims that the office (for which Ostrovsky V.Yu. was killed) was made only by him (Sadovsky M.A.) and Mikhailov M.V. And the rest have nothing to do with it. This despite the fact that in his testimony he pointed out the diametrically opposite. And exclusively on his (Sadovsky M.A.) testimony Gumnikov A.S. convicted of complicity in the murder of Ostrovsky V.Yu. Sadovsky M.A. He tells a lot of interesting things in the course of this sincere dialogue. For example, that he smokes a “plan” every day, that he has excellent relations with the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and that no matter what happens, he (Sadovsky M.A.) will not be detained. Draw your own conclusions, dear readers. And we, in turn, have a lot of videos with the participation of Sadovsky M.A. and many other files indicating the "law-abiding" M.A. Sadovsky, and not only, we will send to the competent authorities.

From 12/06/2022, the FSIN-letter system has limited the receipt of emails in the FKU SIZO-6 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Moscow Region. Mystic, but it is in this institution that Mikhailov M.V. is kept. and Gumnikov A.S. Previously, no such failures were noticed in the operation of the FSIN-letter system.

On December 8, 2022, we talked about how the investigator of the SO for the city of Lyubertsy of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region Sinitsa N.E. called the lawyer and offered to come immediately to conduct investigative actions with the participation of Gumnikov A.S. It is also known about the verification of testimony on the spot with the participation of Gumnikov A.S. yesterday — 12/09/2022. To such an extent, the haste of the investigation is caused by an insane desire to complete the “investigation” of criminal case No. 9941 before the New Year. At the same time, naturally, in the plans of The reason is not to involve as defendants people who are needed by the investigation and “unidentified” persons who are unnecessary to the investigation.

So, being at the right time for the investigation, in the right place for the investigation, it is possible in a “mystical” way to always remain the witness needed by the investigation and go unpunished.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov

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