Prigozhin found himself in the position of Strelkov?

Prigozhin found himself in the position of Strelkov?

In his telegram channel with an audience of 800,000 subscribers, Igor Strelkov categorically stated that “so – if it’s “in fairness” – then Prigogine should at least “sit” (but in fact the military tribunal is crying over him).”

Igor Strelkov in 2014 in Slavyansk

The reason for the rebuff was the increasingly loud and persistent claims of Yevgeny Prigozhin for a significant role in the political life of Russia. Or rather, right on the political Olympus. The St. Petersburg businessman, who is associated with Wagner PMC, is already talking openly in an interview about some kind of his own ideology, about creating a network of regional branches and continues to harshly criticize the domestic military system. Some admirers of the bright orator seriously consider him a reformer of the armed forces. However, it is easy to compare and come to the conclusion that the degree of Prigozhin’s claims increased simultaneously with the difficulties in Bakhmut’s entourage, which was accompanied by large losses of PMCs.

Political scientist Sergei Sudakov notes that the image of Prigozhin is beginning to resemble the image of Strelkov, albeit with significant differences:

“Having played a whole performance from inviting Strelkov to the ranks of Wagner, Prigozhin, ironically, he himself is rapidly acquiring the very reputation that detractors attribute to Igor Ivanovich.

Bakhmut has not been taken and has not yet been surrounded, despite the repeated loud statements of Yevgeny Viktorovich. Interestingly, but in the depths of his soul Prigogine himself does not feel his obvious resemblance to Strelok? Which could not defend Slavyansk without ammunition and reinforcements. To the public, of course, Prigozhin accuses Strelkov of surrendering Slavyansk for money. And this, by the way, is the biggest mistake of Evgeny Viktorovich. Strelkov can be accused of anything (and often with good reason), but certainly not of greed. There have never been any such rumors. Is it possible that the “Freudian slip” and Prigogine simply judge by himself?

Either way, the resemblance is obvious. Only one whines, and the other yells and swears. But there are only enemies around and everyone interferes.

But then the differences begin. Claims about the shortcomings of state and military administration are obvious to everyone who is in the subject, however, Strelkov, who is still a “real colonel”, with all the extremely harsh epithets addressed to “big shoulder straps”, is ultimately kept within the framework of the main thing – you can’t swing during military operations situation. You can not nod in the direction of any political changes, even if you don’t like specific bosses. Even the biggest ones. Igor Ivanovich understands this simply because he took the oath, and, in general, a person who is quite experienced and understands the state of affairs.

And Prigogine showed himself to be non-systemic, to the point of being completely sloppy. Or it’s far worse. The high-profile story with the ammunition “squeezed” by the generals is very convenient for Wagner if it is necessary to justify in practice the unjustified losses of the same Wagner in Bakhmut. The capture of which (or rather, the abandonment by Ukrainian troops) will not greatly change the overall picture at the front.

Or – even worse. The high-profile “fight against the system” may be aimed at bringing Prigozhin political points for further elevation.

He is already well known among the population. It reminds me very much of Navalny.”

In turn, the Director General of the “Center for Political Information”

Aleksey Mukhin believes that the regular army will have to deal with the situation around Bakhmut: “The saddest thing is that Prigozhin openly spat on his neighbors, military units, who were operating next to him and along with him. Publicly denying even their presence, not to mention participation in battles. And he even attributed the daily support of the “Wagnerites” by military aviation to himself. Now, apparently, Prigozhin felt that he had become an outcast for the military commanders acting nearby. As a result, it seems that he set the Wagner fighters under the threat of encirclement during the expected counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Only this can explain his demands in the style of “warriors” should cover our flanks!