The main threats of DDoS attacks are described

The main threats of DDoS attacks are described

If the business is tied to e-commerce or the sale of services via the Internet, then DDoS attacks should be considered as one of the main threats. In the event of a successful DDoS attack, the service is no longer available, which can lead to the fact that potential customers go to competitors, and the business suffers losses .

Andrey Prozorovsky, head of the information security department at IMBA IT, told about this. He also added that successful attacks could last for months.

“Now, with the development of the digital economy in Russia, more operations have begun to be carried out in cyberspace, which of course increases the potential risks. Therefore, companies are increasingly considering the need to invest in their security against hackers and cyber attacks,” the expert said.

To protect against DDoS attacks, he suggests using specialized services. However, it must be remembered that such attacks are only one of the possible scenarios of a cyber threat, so a competent approach would be to assess the risk of cybersecurity for all critical business processes.

“Untimely software updates in one part of the world, such as printers or cameras, can lead to a powerful attack in another part of the world. Therefore, there is no panacea here, businesses need to be aware of their risks in order to minimize the damage from possible cyber attacks,” Prozorovsky warned.

The Russian hacker group NoName057(16) brought down the websites of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). The hackers reported about the DDoS attacks on departmental portals in their Telegram channel.

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